Call for Proposals

Our Call for Proposals will open later in the year.

We welcome proposals from everyone. You don’t need to be an expert, or an expert speaker. Below you can find about what kind of proposals we’re seeking, but if you’re in any doubt whether you should, please read why you should submit a proposal.

On our schedule, we have Talk and Freestyle sessions and you’ll be asked whether you are proposing to run one of those, a social event or something completely different:

Talk Sessions

Talk sessions are 30 minutes long in a room with chairs arranged in rows. We have several rooms allocated to talk sessions and they vary in size from an audience of 500 in the Assembly Room to much smaller rooms which will seat around 50 people.

Most talks tend to be delivered by a single speaker, but we are happy to take proposals for talks being delivered by a small group.

You may choose whether you wish to take questions from the audience at the end of your talk. If you do, your session chair will run that for you and ensure that the questions are appropriate

All talk sessions are filmed and the video is uploaded to our YouTube Channel and later indexed on PyVideo.

We'll be running a webinar on how to prepare and deliver a successful talk. If your talk proposal is accepted, we'll send you an invitation to that session.

Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are 90 minutes long in a room with chairs arranged around circular tables. There is also a projector and screen for you to plug into your laptop if you need. The audiences are typically smaller for freestyle sessions and the rooms have capacity for around 30 people.

It's entirely up to you how you choose to use the room. Typical proposals are to run workshops or tutorials, deliver in-depth talks that won't fit into a 30 minute slot or lead discussions but you're more than welcome to propose something else entirely that we've never seen before.

You may also request to run your event over more than one session. This effectively means that the room is yours for the day to use as you see fit.

Freestyle sessions are not filmed.

Social Events

We have the venue available in the evenings to use for social events and you are welcome to submit a proposal to run one of those.

In the past, we've had board games evenings, manual technology sessions, dojos, music and coding tutorials. Again, surprise us with something we've not seen before that will become the talking point of this year's conference!

Something Else

And if you have an idea for something that just doesn't fit with what we've described, we'd love to hear about it. Propose it anyway!


In 2019, we asked for suggested topics that people would like to see covered at that year’s conference and we used the results when we were scoring the proposals we received.

We didn’t feel it was necessary to ask for suggestions again so soon, so we’ll be using those results again this year.

You can see the questions we asked and the responses at the 2019 Topics page.


We have a team who will each score your proposal and we make our selection based on those scores. If you would like to know whay they are looking for and how to ensure you get the best score possible, please read our proposal guidelines.